Tour of Lockdown 2020

The Tour of Lockdown is now over!

It has been an exciting Tour of Lockdown, 28 tough stages during which you have not spared any effort. There has been sweat and tears, twists and turns right to the finish yesterday.

Whilst it was an inaugural tour, we can only hope there won’t be a new one any soon. If you are interested in virtual racing, I  have some exciting news for you. But first the results.

Overall: Coach David B. from Some may argue that David is a coach and had an unfair advantage but as a coach myself I can only salute David’s dedication to cycling and in particular MTB. He has turned novices in serious cyclists and has allowed many to fulfil their ambition, embrace a new lifestyle and be happier. Many would get an OBE for less than that!

The Tour of Lockdown was not a competitive race but more an encouragement to stay active and healthy both physically and mentally. “Corpore sano in mens sana” as would have said our Roman ancestors.

So let’s mention a few names for inspiration:

– Oli. G. for his athletic prowess and, very much like Coach D., an incredible dedication being on the road by 5:30 a.m. most days

– David. S for being such a strong cyclist, very consistent

– Colin W. for his climbing performance

In the running category, Louise A. is the overall winner. Very dedicated with a mix of 12-14 hours of running and walking every week. Jenny H. is a close second (she was actually in the lead last week) and Simon H. very close third.

As a multisport athlete, Jenny H. takes the top spot.

Finally, let us do not forget to mention Chris M. for his early morning swims in Frensham Great Pond (water temperature around 10 degrees) and young Eben and Logan who have been training with their Dad for their first 5k (or training their Dad?).

Hope you have enjoyed the past 28 stages.

Now some exciting news:

if you are on Zwift and interested in racing. I will start a racing team in a couple of weeks, I will send more news in my feed when it’s all set-up should you want to join some of the races. There will be a dedicated webpage with all the details.

Stay safe, Stay Healthy and see you very soon!


The Tour of Lockdown is a virtual event taking place from 05/11/20 to 02/12/20 . Joining is free and you can join at any time. It is open to all, irrespective of your location or fitness level.

The tour is not a formal event or a competitive event, it is an encouragement to stay active. Throughout the tour, you can complete as many activities as you like (referred to as “Stages”), within your own time, individually or within the social distancing/ lockdown rules. An activity can be anything from a 15 minute walk round the block to a 3 hour rowing session indoor.

You decide of your activities, we will provide some encouragement! Try to set yourself some goals, for instance how many stages you are going to complete, how many kilometers or active hours you want to achieve in a week. We will also be launching very shortly a blog if you have any sport related questions/ comments/ concerns.

If you join our Strava group, your activities will be logged and you can follow your progress and get some encouragement from your fellow competitors.

You are also welcome to make an optional donation to our charity partner, Young minds, the UK’s leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health.

Tour of Lockdown Strava Group

Click on the picture above to join the Strava group

Strava group update

Our Charity Partner

The Tour of Lockdown is raising money for Young Minds, the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health. We will make sure all young people get the best possible mental health

All donations are greatly received. You are welcome to make a donation using the link below

About us

The Tour of Lockdown is organised by Richard Thevenon aka “CoachieRichie”. Originally from Nice, France, I now live in Surrey, UK.

You can contact me on +447784397259 or drop me an email: